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Kia ora koutou
I am pleased to let you know that, despite the tight timeframes, a number of discussions and streams of activity are taking place – all working towards the development of our second Open Government National Action Plan.

In addition to the online engagement on the background statement and key themes here (which will remain open until 20 August), there have also been meetings of the (external) Expert Advisory Group and a cross-government officials group, both convened by the State Services Commission.  As previously highlighted, Hui E! and ECO have also been getting input from Civil Society organisations, and people have been in touch with us directly to share their views.

From across this input, here are some of the key themes that people would like incorporated into the Action Plan so far:

  • The automatic, proactive release of official information (including Cabinet papers, international treaties and trade agreements, to which New Zealand is a party).
  • Mechanisms that enable more joined up and effective engagement between government and iwi.
  • Initiatives to recognise and enable civil society entities to perform their role (which includes connecting people in communities; enabling them to identify and address shared aspirations and issues).
  • Systems that enable whānau and citizens to describe their own needs and develop responses to them with government.
  • Making government funded research, creative works and software available, without charge, for reuse.
  • Greater and ongoing public participation in government decision-making on policy and programmes (enabled through the notification of all consultation processes in a way that businesses, civil society and others can track; mandatory and consistent timeframes etc).
  • Clear principles and processes to advance a culture change within government around open government (e.g. commitment and adherence to principles on open data, customer service commitments).
  • Making data open and accessible (noting that some people have significant concerns around privacy and how data will be used) and building the capacity of citizens and civil society to make use of it.
  • Making government budget information more accessible and useable.
  • Making government agency chief executives accountable for open government related measures (such as customer satisfaction, OIA compliance, making data open etc.).
  • Proactively providing people with information on what is required of, and available to, them by government.

You are now able to suggest specific actions that you would like considered for inclusion in the action plan here.  This tool (which will remain open until 24 August) will enable you to propose your own actions and also respond to actions suggested by others.  We encourage you to interact with each other to develop a shared understanding of people’s diverse views, and in doing so begin the process to develop a refined, robust set of commitments, which have the greatest chance of achieving their intended impact.

During this stage, we will also schedule a series of facilitated teleconferences where you can discuss suggested actions related to key themes.  Government officials with responsibilities relating to these themes may also participate in the teleconferences.  The timing of these will be posted on this webpage as the themes emerge.  This page also includes public meetings and webinars that you and people within your networks can also participate in.

Thank you for your participation in this process to date.  There are still plenty of opportunities for you and other interested people to get involved.  Please spread the word and take this opportunity to influence our national open government commitments over the next two years.

If you suggest an action or actions, they will be considered during the co-creation workshop, which you can attend with government officials in Wellington on 26 August 2016. The results of that workshop will then inform the Action Plan that government officials recommend to Ministers and Cabinet.

As always, do please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to talk anything through.

Kia ora ra


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