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Hello everyone

It has been a big day in the development of the Open Government Action Plan.

This morning we had our workshop in Christchurch. Five very knowledgeable people with experience in different aspects of open government led discussions covering a range of topics including:

– how to improve public engagement;

– a desire to see greater education on ‘civics’ in schools;

– better access to data from public funded sources and research;

– creating a more equal playing field when civil society organisations and citizens participate in government processes.

There was also an open government workshop hosted as part of the OS // OS conference in Wellington.  Participants explored how participatory technology can be used in engagement with government. Some great ideas came through and we really appreciate the organisers of the event for providing this opportunity.

The actions that came out of these discussions will be up on our ‘suggest an action’ site here, where there are already 54 actions listed.  This is fantastic and sincere thanks to all who have contributed so far.

There is still time to have input into this co-creation process in the following ways:

– our last teleconference is taking place tomorrow at 5.00pm where you will be able to discuss ‘the relationship between citizens / civil society and government’.  This theme is coming through in the actions suggested and you can find out how to participate here;

– you can still share an action and comment on others through until the end of the day on 24 August here;

– if you have participated in the above, you can also attend the co-creation workshop this Friday in Wellington from 9.00am to 4.00 pm and you can find out more information here.

At this workshop, you will have the chance to sit together with government officials to consider all the actions suggested and then jointly complete open government commitment templates in response to them.

The officials have been involved in our teleconferences and meeting together in the lead up to this workshop.  You can find out more about this in the latest update from the State Services Commission here.

Thank you again for all your input so far.  We are looking forward to a positive outcome from the workshop this Friday.

If you have any questions, do please get in touch.

Ka kite


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