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New Zealand’s National Action Plan for Open Government

The second National Action Plan for Open Government was released by the New Zealand Government on the 20th October 2016 and publish on this website ogp.org.nz.

engage2 were commissioned by the State Services Commission to raise awareness about the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and invite New Zealanders to participate in the development of the National Action Plan (NAP).

We designed an engagement process to encourage people interested in the open government principles to comment on the proposed background and vision sections of the NAP, to suggest actions and to work with government officials to co-create recommendations for government to consider for inclusion in New Zealand’s second National Action Plan.

Over the past six weeks we have:

  • Identified people interested in open government and the themes being discussed, inviting their participation in the OGP NAP process
  • Raised awareness about open government in New Zealand and the opportunity to contribute to the NAP
  • Worked with people who wanted to participate to ensure their input is useful and considered
  • Captured and analysed input shared throughout the engagement process in an open and transparent way
  • Encouraged collaboration between government and New Zealand communities

The project progressed through four stages as shown in the timeline here with multiple opportunities for participants to get involved. Our team gathered as much input as possible though a number of teleconferences, face-to-face workshops, email and phone communication, and the online platform. Information gathered contributed to the development of key themes that were discussed in the co-creation workshop on 26 August.

We are so grateful for the involvement from everyone who has shared ideas, comments, suggestions and feedback for the development of the second NAP during the limited time we’ve had to work together. You can find our updates from the project here.

Thank you.

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